Hit Parade

Alice Greene of Alabama and Dwight Lang of Utah will soon be stalked by The Dead.

Chyrelle Robinson of Missouri, Taylor Rodriguez of Vermont and Lois Goodman of Kansas get to check out some Thunder Soul.

Rose Hargrow of Florida and Casey Shaw of Georgia are going to report on the Whistleblower.

Everyone goes a little Mad sometimes. Eleanor Cooper of Pennsylvania and Luci Kennan of Wyoming won Season 1, Part 2, for example.

Jeff Heard of Florida, Vince Ward of North Carolina and Hannah Lawrence of Alabama are the latest people to Meet the Browns. (Season 4, to be exact.)

Jenny Madison of North Dakota and Monika Garrett of Pennsylvania get to check out Wings (the way pre-McCartney version).

Lonna Henry of Oklahoma scored a flawless victory with the Mortal Kombat Chess t-shirt.

Kimberly Tucker of Wisconsin will wonder why we can’t all get along with Storage Wars?

Marybeth Jones of Arkansas and Taryn Wicht of British Columbia would have gotten away with Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: Season 1, Part 2: Curse of Crystal Cove…oh wait, they did. Never mind.

Debbie Field of Massachusetts will be hanging out at Stormhouse. So forward her mail.

Frankie Dealy of Alabama will be checking in with The Firm/i> (on audiobook).

And Trev Pauli of West Virginia won The Mortician.

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