Gold from Metal Men by JD Hancock

The Archer swag pack went to Fatima Monroe of New York.

Dawn Curtis of Michigan is all out of bubblegum. But she does have the They Live Obey t-shirt coming.

Noah Lewis of Arkansas made out like a bandit with the White Collar swag pack.

Anna Moyer of New Mexico, Jessica Logan of California and Jacob Wilcox of Georgia are doing better than you and me–they won You and I.

Brandon Bell of South Dakota got the cure for what ails him: the Royal Pains swag pack.

Evan Dylan of Ohio, Juan Ortiz of Florida and Sheri Barnes of Florida were led to understand there would be no math. Regardless, they won Division III.

Stuart Carson of Tennessee and John Royce of Hawaii are about to get Primeval on their…well, home theater areas.

Seth Garrett of Indiana and Travis Reyes of North Carolina both won Nude Nuns With Big Guns. Making a punny statement about that just seemed ruder than normal.

Alison Maxwell of Alabama will be remembering Doug Henning along with the third season of Merlin.

Jan Launius of Louisiana will have the option of dining on long pig at the Bistro Hannibal.

Denny Brubaker of Texas, Andy Murphy of Arkansas, Mary Jacobowitz of North Carolina, Cheryl Ferrar of Wyoming and Doug Hendrix of Maryland will all learn Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears.

Lynn Hawk of California and Davida Bean of Colorado probably aren’t new in their respective towns, but they did win New In Town, so introduce yourselves, why don’t you?

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Image: Excellent Gold from the Metal Men by JD Hancock.