Triumph band

Bryan McCarthy of South Carolina and Rachel Burns of Alabama will be spending time with the second season of Archer.

Philip Thurman of Tennessee and Helen Dupree of South Dakota will be sporting Division III.

Cheryl Martin of Michigan, David Morris of Utah and Jesse Stacy of Florida are concerned with Saving Private Perez.

Jason Nowicki of Maryland will be chilling with Frozen World.

Beth Sellers of Hawaii, Reg Murphy of Ohio and Steve Moore of Montana now have to answer to Answer This.

Marjorie Hartman of Florida will be exploring King Arthur and Medieval Britain.

Leo Gorum of Georgia, Brenda Skylstad of Washington and Jose Church of North Carolina will be trading Tales of an Ancient Empire.

Simon Ferrer of Indiana is young at heart with Ancient Aliens.

Benjamin Bell of South Dakota and Lou Waller of Ohio will be doing a double take with The Double.

Alfred Lewis of Tennessee has WWII in 3D coming right at him.

Scott Cross of Oklahoma, Rebecca Borden of Texas and Phil Meyer of Ontario must have a lucky number because they’re snagging What’s My Number?

And Dirty Girl has nothing very appropriate we can pun about its name. But Vic Howard of Illinois won it; we can tell you that.

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