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Storm of Swords Audiobook

It’s Book 3 in A Song of Ice and Fire: A Storm of Swords. Want to get ahead of the TV series? Or just hear Roy Dotrice rock the reading? Here you go. It’s out from Random House Audio. And we’re giving it away.

Rarely has there been a tale as gripping, or one as likely to seize the minds and hearts of a generation, as George R. R. Martin‘s epic high fantasy. This is historical fiction that never was, filled with gritty characters, realistic conflicts, heroism, barbarism, defeats and triumphs. In it, we have seen a kingdom at war with itself as multiple factions grasp for a throne, and threats from the outside mount. Now the growing turmoil in the Seven Kingdoms is about to come to a violent head, shattering the world into strange, new patterns.

Of the five contenders for power, one is dead, another in disfavor, and still the wars rage as violently as ever as alliances are made and broken. The brutal Lord Tywin Lannister is in effective control of the kingdom, under the liege of his sadistically spoiled grandson Joffrey. Robb Stark still seeks to split the north off under his rule, and the Greyjoys likewise seek a return to their former independence. Winterfell lies in ruins while, a continent away, Daenerys Stormborn grows in power. And none of them will rest in their quest for victory until the Seven Kingdoms have exploded in a veritable storm of swords.

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