An Army of Winners!


V is for Vengeance got won by E for Elaine Mason of Kentucky.

The Walken Dead T-Shirt was won by Patrick Trainor of Florida, who can’t keep Carl in the house either.

Geoff Hart of North Carolina snagged the Very Best of Neil Diamond on CD.

Chrissy Klein of West Virginia won the A&E Holiday Pack.

Now That’s What I Call Music Vol. 40 was won by some people…well, let’s call them Matthew Ashton of Alabama, Christal Mormann of North Dakota, Alicia Morrison of Alabama and Sean Cuthill of British Columbia.

Marcus Fletcher of Pennsylvania, Charles Dillon of Rhode Island and Deana Contreras of Arizona will soon be headed for Another Earth.

Norene Perry of Oklahoma now has a chance to get the other half done because she won Half-Sick of Shadows.

In the future, I see The Future going to Rebecca Walters of Connecticut.

Lisa Wyly of California gets to introduce some people to her Boomstick…T-shirt.

Our Doctor Who Season 6 winners were–grand prize to Diana Nolin of Wisconsin and the runners-up were Kevin Steiner of Florida and Leo Burger of Oklahoma.

The big BBC Prize Pack went to Andrew Cain of Tennessee.

Three Winners get to investigate the Three Investigators: Stephanie Santos of Tennessee, Jazmin Doyle of Louisiana and Brandi Storlie of California.

Gwenyth Starr of Florida and Doug Snow of New Hampshire will be crooned at by Michael Feinstein: Sinatra.

And Meet the Browns Season 3 will be met by Cherise Evans of Maryland, Erica Stanley of South Carolina and Lou Jackson of Massachusetts.

John Brown of Arizona, Paula Walter of Texas and Danielle Buddin of Florida will be celebrating Madea Christmas.

Linda Kocen of Massachusetts, Eric Chandler of California and Ingrid Williams of Texas will be making a Margin Call.

Shannon Slovak of New York, Jacob Hodges of Idaho and Nicolas Carr of Florida are the champions when it comes to Champions (my friends).

And Leon Morgan of Kentucky, Dan Rivers of Indiana and Nikolay Solovyev of Georgia will be exploring Carlos Mencia’s New Territory.

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