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Jonathan Kellerman: Victims Audiobook

It’s Victims from Jonathan Kellerman, an Alex Delaware novel, read by John Rubinstein. It’s out from Random House Audio. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

Discovered in her apartment, neck twisted grotesquely and body carved up with unsettling precision, a lifeless Vita Berlin had moldered for days before discovery. However, despite the many enemies acid-tongued Vita had accumulated before her grisly end, psychologist Alex Delaware doubts revenge was her killer’s motive. LAPD’s Lieutenant Milo Sturgis is skeptical, but then his painstaking investigation is interrupted by the appearance of a second corpse, dispatched just like Vita but with no apparent connection to her. As the list of victims grows, Alex and Milo must consider the horrifying possibility that a cunning killer has established a malevolent killing pattern based on no pattern at all, selecting random prey, stalking with serenity, then striking without warning.

Pressured by his superiors to bring this opera of blood to its final act, Milo chases down recent parolees and released violent criminals. Alex finds the random-act scenario increasingly unconvincing. Years of experience tell the brilliant psychologist this butchery is related to an obscure commonality among the victims: a tendency, a habit or pattern, a quirk–but what? Alex veers from the orthodoxy of the official investigation and embarks upon a one-man excavation of the mind’s darkest recesses, along the way finding tantalizing clues: a long-shuttered mental hospital and the nightmarish massacre of an entire family. And when at last the shocking truth is confronted, it is more intensely chilling than Alex could ever have expected.

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