Up! To Victory!

Weightlifting Trophy

Rachel Chase of Iowa will soon be investigating Infernal Affairs.

Joyce Buttrum of Missouri, Laura Seaver of Indiana and Kathie Peterson of Minnesota will all be joining with the Holiday Carole.

Whereas John Hernandez of California, Valerie Mabrey of Ohio and John Miller of Minnesota will be enjoying Journey’s Greatest Hits Vol. 2.

Lookit! Daniel Bryce of New Mexico and Deana Connell of Minnesota both won Look Season 1!

Daphne Sims of California and Rod Howard of West Virginia didn’t just allegedly win Alleged, they flat out won it.

Renee Corbett of Nebraska, Max Gordon of New York and Maurice Greenwood of South Carolina will be too busy watching Ghost Hunters Season 6, Part 2 to chase ghosts.

Dora Renn of Pennsylvania and Chloe Tatum of Illinois will not be getting “Return to Sender” written on their Dear Santa letters.

There may only be two of Louis Egan of Rhode Island and Abigail Love of Virginia, but they did win Three Amigos.

Tyra Gaitan of Wisconsin snagged the signed copy of Imager.

And Donald Currie of Missouri, Eduardo Neal of New Mexico and Dorene Mead of Mississippi can get rid of their haystacks–we are sending them Needle.

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