To Our Winners, Ritz is More Than Just a Cracker

Peter Boyle and Gene Wilder from Young Frankenstein

Andrew Prichard of New Jersey is going to get behind the Moneyball. Or at least the audiobook of it.

Gena Charles of Michigan will be checking out WWII in HD.

Christa Hoffman of Idaho is going to get privy to the Secrets of the FBI.

To Janice Christian of California and Kelli Gold of Louisiana, The River Why will no longer be rhetorical.

John Scofield of New Mexico will be singing the song of Piano Man.

Virgil Matthews of Delaware will be trying to forget midichlorians while listening to Star Wars: Heir to the Empire.

Pat Hardy of Colorado will soon discover if there are any restorative effects to watching American Restoration.

A single person, Marcie Drake of Alaska, snagged Double Dexter.

Speaking of doubles, Amanda McMichael of Georgia, Deborah Wallin of Illinois and Peter Lambert of Georgia are walking away with Devil’s Double.

And the Dearly, Departed audiobook will be departing shortly for Shanna Chambliss of Maine.

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