The Really Big Winners

Giant Trophy

The winner of the latest wave of CTI releases is Joan O’Neil of Ontario.

Boy Toy DVDs are headed to Kathy Driscoll of Ohio, Janice Sharp of West Virginia and Richard Bolton of Hawaii. Yeah, I tried to come up with a punny line for this one but they all wound seeming a bit too salacious.

Phase 7 got snagged by Mike Greene of Oregon.

Clash of Kings is coming–along with winter–to Jeff Hughes of Texas.

The third season of Star Wars: Clone Wars is going to try and explain midichlorians to Bryan Brandon of New York.

Fading of the Cries will be heard loud and clear by David Nichols of Massachusetts, Don Canaan of Florida and Paige Bowler of Indiana.

How the States Got Their Shapes will be revealed to Fred Cobbs of New Hampshire.

The Aleph audiobook gets to wind up with Kevin Singh of Ohio.

Vietnam in HD is headed to Nicholas Hawkins of California.

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Image: Pinball big winner.