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Fear Index Audiobook CD by Robert Harris

It’s The Fear Index by Robert Harris, read unabridged by Christian Rodska and available on CD. It’s out from Random House Audio. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

Dr. Alexander Hoffmann, renowned American physicist, came to Geneva fourteen years ago to work on the Large Hadron Collider. Now, Hoffmann Investment Technologies, a hedge fund he founded with British banker Hugo Quarry, is the focus of his genius. The fund is founded on the idea that “algorithms are inherently superior to human beings when it comes to playing the market.” And that’s especially true given the algorithms–dubbed VIXAL-4–developed by Dr. Hoffmann. If everything goes as planned, he and Quarry will soon be netting 60 million dollars a year on the billion dollars they’re sure to get from their hand-picked group of ultra-wealthy investors. But what if the algorithm is more like a mind than a computer? What if it could connive as well as it can place bets on Wall Street? What if it could worm into the records of Hoffmann’s hidden past and use it to destroy him, the man who gave VIXAL-4 its life-like abilities, its very life? The Fear Index answers these questions in a fiendishly smart and powerfully gripping narrative–a brilliant departure for Harris from his historical novels, and perhaps his most audacious and spellbinding novel to date.

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