Another Round of Brilliant Winners!

Light Bulb Man

Baaria was won by Brenda Parker of Georgia and Kenneth Magee of Montana.

Terri is going to hang out with Phil Waits of Rhode Island, Joann Wagner of Georgia and Samantha Peszko of Kentucky.

The Robotech set is going to warp itself over to the home of Peter Roe of Pennsylvania.

The badass Ed Hardy monster snack packs will be stimulating Emmy Hamilton of Massachusetts and Morris Sigman of Oregon.

Workaholics Season 1 will be chatting around the water cooler with Roxanne Ferguson of Virginia, Fred Swartz of Oklahoma and Paul Tate of Minnesota.

The Vidal Sassoon winners look good: Betty Shoemaker of Indiana, Dale Ferris of Wisconsin, Charlene Buckner of Connecticut, Jasper Edwards of Colorado and Hubert Riggins of North Carolina.

According to Jim Season 5, according to the random winner selector thingy, will be going to Jonathan Sunjata of Ohio, Elias Platt of Hawaii and Tim Meyers of Tennessee.

Top Shot Reloaded will fire away with Alice Schrader of North Carolina.

Meet the Browns Season 2 will soon make the acquaintance of Glenn Jones of Ontario, Melinda Thorpe of Maryland and Lloyd Hooks of Wisconsin.

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