Our Winners Know Who They Are…

We Are the Champions Sheet Music

The second season of The League is going to be hiking itself over to William Christie of Tennessee and Katie Collins of Nebraska

The third season of Lie to Me is going over to Quentin McKinley of Colorado and Andrew Morehouse of North Carolina. No lie.

The A&E Halloween prize pack goes to Howard Potts of Delaware.

American Loser goes to three winners: Diane Bridges of Florida, Christina Butler of California and Jane Gibson of Arizona.

Devil’s Playground wants to go play with Margot Hughes of Connecticut.

Go For It was won by James Moyers of Iowa, Brent Pierce of Delaware and John Patton of Virginia because, well, they went for it.

The first release of Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 is off to fight crime with Jay Dickey of Alabama, Lee Ann Gray of New Hampshire and Emily Schaffer of Arizona.

The Howling Reborn is going to be bugging the neighbors of Keri Brewer of New York and Debra Hernandez of Kansas at all hours of the night.

And lastly, Maniac Cop will be flashing its maniac badge at Elle Hale of Florida, Kevin Peters of Alberta, Sarah Bolling of Iowa, Ross Krause of Nevada and Jean Palmer of Kentucky.

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