Our Winners Find It Hard To Lose!

All Sixes

Lindsay Daniels of Florida, Jess Bell of Alabama and David Mace of California have all been judged winners of Judge John Deed.

Mallory Morris of Georgia is the greatest when it comes to winning Baseball’s Greatest Games.

Marie Tyler of Colorado, Doug Franklin of Ohio and Matthew Zimmerman of Pennsylvania all get to cut loose with Footloose.

Shane Blackwell of Arizona, Todd Moore of South Dakota and Shirley Stevens of Kentucky all get to Meet the Browns…since they won the first season.

Regina Stallings of Oklahoma gets to hum along with Harry Belafonte’s Sing Your Song.

Mary Cloud of Louisiana snagged the signed copy of the Blood Ties DVD.

Jennifer McAllister of South Carolina, Glenn Wood of Idaho and Melanie Schwartz of Maine all get to explore the Wonderful World of Albert Kahn.

Jerry Donovan of Kentucky, B.D. Foster of Tennessee and Tom Rice of British Columbia are all going live with Living Will.

Bill Carlisle of Connecticut won X-Men: Destiny like it was…well, you know.

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