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Double DVD

It’s The Double, coming out from Image Entertainment on January 31st. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

The mysterious murder of a United States Senator bears the distinctive trademark of a legendary Cold War-era Soviet assassin, code-named “Cassius.” With targets becoming increasingly sporadic and ballistic reports inconclusive, panic is silently growing at the highest levels. There are only two men capable of finding this seemingly uncatchable killer: retired CIA operative Paul Sheperdson (Richard Gere, Brooklyn’s Finest, Chicago) and young, hotshot FBI agent Ben Geary (Topher Grace, “That ‘70’s Show”, Spider-Man 3). Paul has engaged in an obsessive hunt for Cassius for the better part of his life, studying the killer’s every move.

When Paul’s former supervisor Tom Highland (Martin Sheen, The Departed, “The West Wing”) forces him out of retirement to join this aggressive newcomer in their deadly pursuit, he forges an uneasy alliance with Geary in order to finally bring this long-sought “shadow” to justice. What awaits this mismatched pair are twists and turns around every corner and the horrifying realization that identity is purely circumstantial.

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