They Have Achieved Conquest!

Chrysler Conquest

Everything Must Go is going all right…it’s going out to Scott Olson of Arizona, Karen Katsbulas of Florida and Judith McBarnet of Georgia.

This just in…Breaking the Press got won by Amanda Walker of Alaska, Doug West of South Carolina and Amy Kincade of Florida.

The exercise twofer (Extreme Makeover and Denise Austin) will be jogging to the houses of Carla Pullum of California, Laura Hampton of Delaware and Will Bailey of Georgia.

Setup has been setup with Liz Lehman of Indiana, Ron Shoemaker of Florida and Sondra Nash of Oklahoma.

The Hendrix prize pack is headed to rock out with George Heard of New Brunwsick.

Cheer up, Zachary Harlow of Kansas, Jason Young of California and Heather! Schaffer of Ohio–you won Laugh to Keep From Crying. (Not a typo…Heather! spells her name with an exclamation point. Awesome.)

The Kennedys were won by Cindy Popper of Florida, Martha Diamond of Washington and Ellen Barry of Alabama.

Madea’s Big Happy Family got new extended members in the guise of Kathleen Luongo of Florida, Rick Stahl of Kentucky and John Lang of California.

And lastly, Jeff Dunham will be making inanimate objects talk for (or at least in the minds of) Michelle Moore of Wyoming, Alexis Trent of Colorado and Benno Kiewe of New Jersey.

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