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Our Winners Get the Thumbs Up!

Thumbs Up
Kids, hitchhiking isn't safe. Just ask C. Thomas Howell.

The Dance With Dragons audiobook is winging its way to John Horton of Maryland.

The Last Werewolf audiobook is going to arrive at Joseph Scott of Florida’s place…hopefully before the next full moon.

Camp Hell is going to tell spooky campfire tales to Lea Cameron of Ohio.

Super Hybrid is going to be saving fuel and wreaking havoc for Bernadette Dawson of Tennessee, Ricardo Gonzales of California.

The Sex on the Moon audiobook is going to be stolen by Drew Stephens of Arkansas.

Luis Parsons of California, Elaine Alexander of Kansas and Aline Williams of South Carolina will be joining The Bang Bang Club.

The Music Never Stopped will continue in the houses of Jon Barden of Alabama and Robert Weaver of North Carolina.

The Perfect Game is going to be played by Ross Patrick of British Columbia, Bonnie Keller of Wisconsin and Jennifer Bertram of Indiana.

TMNT Season 9 will be sharing a pizza with Gregory Green of Maine, Claude Hixson of Arizona and Carla Lawrence of Nebraska.

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