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Win Look Season 1 on DVD!

Look Season 1 DVD

It’s the first season of Look hitting DVD from Image Entertainment on November 29th. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

Who are the people that attract the most relentless camera attention? Movie stars? Politicians? No: average Americans are the subjects of approximately 40 million surveillance cameras, their actions captured over 200 times a day…never aware of this unwelcome focus. On November 29, Image Entertainment presents the hit Showtime Original series “LOOK: Season 1,” based on Adam Rifkin’s (The Dark Backward, co-director of Chillerama) unblinking feature LOOK, the original 2009 film which the Los Angeles Times hailed as “brilliant,” and USA Today called “powerful.” Written, co-produced and directed by Rifkin, “LOOK: Season 1” focuses on our privacy and secrets…and the silent voyeurs that threaten them.

In department stores, gas stations, even public bathrooms, no one is safe from the persistent stare of the cameras hidden in every corner of day-to-day life. Shot entirely from the viewpoint of security cameras, LOOK: Season 1 paints a shocking picture of what people do when they believe they’re alone. Following its characters throughout the series, the camera does not judge or criticize — but you just might. And you will begin to look over your shoulder, to peer into your surroundings…and wonder: is anybody watching?

With a cast that features Matt Bushell (“Castle,” “The Mentalist”), Colton Haynes (“Teen Wolf”) Lee Reherman (“General Hospital,” “Medium”) and Haley Hudson (Marley and Me, “Weeds“) LOOK: Season 1 is a thought-provoking view into private actions and hidden truths. It explores our secret lives and makes us think: Are we always alone when we think we are?

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