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Wayhomer Review #47: True Grit (2010)

Episode #47 for True Grit, in which our protagonist talks about how remakes can actually be good, why he wasn’t (completely) worried about the film to begin with, and why a good Coen Brothers film is like the Pyramids. Or something.


  • I’m enjoying the Wayhomer Reviews. It’s a good concept and you do very good impromptu reviews. I’ve watched several, so if I haven’t left this comment before, let me correct that omission now. Way to go.

  • With his eye patch on the right eye, he can’t aim his pistol, let alone his rifle, without moving them to the left. Try it. Won’t work. ALSO, Maddie’s comment about “rodeo clowns” – there were no rodeo clowns until early in the 20th Century, not in the 1870s.

  • You know what really makes me crazy? Movies where I can hear things in the vacuum of space. I mean…what’s up with that?