13 Days of Xmas 2010, Day 5: And Now, Fun With Commercials

Glass Wax Santa

It’s 13 Days of Xmas, kids. And Day 5 is when we’ve usually been involved in advertising madness. Like last year. Or the year before that. Or what we first started with, our Top 10 Christmas Commercials.

So first up, we’d like to give Harriet Nelson a moment to offer you a great new way of doing Christmas cards. And plug everything else under the sun. Although I do find it amusing that Ozzie and Harriet are brought to you by Kodak, who also bring you The Ed Sullivan Show…”on another network.” So you can plug another network’s show but not say which network. Which must have been a big mystery, seeing as how there were, what, two others to choose from?
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And speaking of Kodak, here’s another commercial from 1977. This time, however, though the commercial is disturbing, I find it so because it claims “Kodak takes the rainbow right out of the sky.” Is it just me, or does that sound like the plan of a villain from the Silver Age?

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But for disturbing, you need to go to this 1977 Taco Bell commercial. Why is it disturbing? There’s no ho ho ho for this Santa. No. Listen for the laugh. We go from a Silver Age villain to a freaking Bond villain.

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If you ever want to see the difference between childhood in the 60s vs. childhood now…watch the reaction of the child in this commercial to the magic of a “Glass Wax Santa,” then compare it to the idea of a kid playing with something like Xbox 360 Kinect. And if you feel compelled to mock, ask someone older about how easy we were to amuse back then. Sigh.

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