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32 Days of Halloween IV, Movie Night No. 32: Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Barbara from Night of the Living Dead (1968)

So here we are again…at the end of another 32 Days of Halloween marathon. It’s been a hellacious ride. And I’ve had a blast. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves as well.

Tonight, the final movie night, belongs always to a single film: Night of the Living Dead. Not a remake. Accept no substitutes. Nobody’s been able to recreate or match the sheer power of the film. And as I’ve said before: this took zombies and made them true flesh-eating ghouls. As you watch The Walking Dead on AMC, understand that it, all your zombie video games, the other zombie movies you know and love…they all owe a debt to Mr. Romero.

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As I’ve stated multiple times and places, the best DVD version of the film is the Millennium Edition from Elite.

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