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The Grue Café #2: The Pros and Cons of Con Gaming

DragonCon Award

With fall convention season–and DragonCon–looming before us, join our intrepid band of gaming podcasters as they discuss con gaming. The how, the why and the wherefore. It’s all here. Hosted this episode by Veteran of the Psychic Wars Rox of Spazhouse, you’ll also find Kim on board as well as special guest Peter White.

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Theme song courtesy of MC Frontalot. Of course.


  • I love Rox’s voice. It’s very probably my favorite voice on the ‘cast, or on WeJ. And only made more so by the fact that in the intro to this episode, she sounds EXACTLY like she’s making an announcement on an airplane.

    Or a zeppelin?

  • A lot of their advice can be applied to historical wargaming conventions as well. (Except the cheating rules).
    The lack of personal hygiene seems to be a recurring theme among gamers of all types. :P

    (Rox’s Brother)