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Wayhomer Review #2: Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin

Episode #2, in which our protagonist witnesses mad fu, relates a tale of his misspent youth, and makes a plea to Hollywood for fight cinematography sanity.

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  • The Wayhomer review kicks ass Widge. I enjoy it thoroughly since our movies aesthetics are very similar. Keep up the good work. Curious in the future could you field questions from the audience?

  • Ninja movies awesome. Hey Widge could you do a list of your favorite Martial Arts/ Ninja movies? i know one of my favorites is Jackie Chan’s Drunken Master

  • Dan: Thanks for the comments! If I got enough questions from folks I would answer them on camera in probably a separate bit from the reviews. As for a list…huh. I’d probably have to consult Doc, Keeper of the Fu, for his assistance in putting together such a list.

  • Thanks for the review Widge. That’s exactly how I expected the movie to be. I cant wait to see it now.