Scare Tactics, Season 3, Part 1 DVD cover art

It’s the first thirteen episodes of The Channel Formerly Known as Sci-Fi’s Scare Tactics‘ third season. Hosted by Tracy Morgan, it’s all uncensored and here’s what they have to say for themselves:

Scare Tactics: Season Three Part One features 2 DVD’s jam-packed with uncensored shenanigans, including never-before-seen footage and a not-to-be-missed Tracy Morgan blooper reel. Watch a psycho invade the home of a babysitter and her charge, a mutant creature bursting from a lab’s oversized cocoon and a horror film director that silences his critics…permanently. Witness the innocent bystanders’ reactions to these zany pranks, which range from genuine horror to laugh-out-loud hysterics. VH1 even voted one of the featured pranks as number one in their 2009 show “40 Greatest Pranks.” The scenes are real, the reactions are sincere, and so are the hours of laughs.

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