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What is House of Life? A docu that sounds fascinating, coming out next week from First Run. Check it out:

This solemn yet joyous documentary tells the story of The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague, the site of layer upon layer of buried members of the once-vibrant Jewish community of the ghetto. Nearly a million people from all over the world now visit the cemetery each year, and House of Life chronicles its history, which is rich in lore, mysticism, tradition, and philosophy. Claire Bloom narrates tales of great rabbis and philanthropists and the story of the giant golem, created from clay to protect the Jewish people. The 12,000 stones may be covering as many as 100,000 members of Progue’s historic Jewish community. Under the German occupation in World War II, the cemetery was the only place where Jewish children were allowed to play. Later, under communists, lovers met there for trysts. Today the neighborhood and former ghetto has transformed into a fashionable area. The cemetery – and film – serve as a powerful reminder of the indomitable spirit of a people determined to honor their past and preserve the lessons of history.

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