Okay, so a thought on contests. We run a lot of contests. Some people might wonder why we run so damn many contests. Simple: they bring in traffic. Gobs of traffic. Websites love traffic. Especially ours.

One thing I do, though, is that I understand we have a bunch of people who come here and don’t enter contests too. So I try not to, for example, fill up the front page with nothing but contests.

Here’s a thought: what if we moved contests off the front page? Contests would still exist in their category listing, or if you wanted just a one-liner, their tag listing. Potentially, everybody wins: freed from my concerns about inundating the front page, I could post a crapload more contests for you contest junkies and not disturb the non-contest junkies. They would disappear from the main feed and there would be a separate contests feed that carried those. Also, for those who are concerned about not seeing the contests on the front page–I’d probably post a contest round-up once a day that would point you to them, if you needed a reminder.

So…what do you think? Poll will remain open for one week.

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