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Wall of the Living Dead!

Living Dead Wall Decal

As we drift into the magical realm of Holy Shit I Want That, we find a grinning Johnny Zito who points to this–a wall decal featuring a silhouette of shambling doom. Yes, a wall full of zombies, being offered up by Michelle over at her eBay store. The only thing that could make this possible more badass than it already is–and more apt to scare the crap out of your pets–is if they glowed in the dark. Yes, a wall full of glowing zombies. Possibly because the authorities tried to “drop bombs in all the big cities.”

I’m thinking about this too much again, aren’t I?

Found via Johnny Zito and His Nonsense.



  • the 44.99 + shipping is actually a good price. 63″ x 90″ that is pretty big. We charge $75.00 for a 2 x 3 foot poster that is laminated and mounted on fome core. So when I say a wall of zombies is a good deal, it is a good deal.