Atari: Discovering How Far You Can Go

Don Knotts: Breakout

Here’s the commercial that set me off this time. It’s just such an odd combo. Pete Rose playing a baseball game I understand. Don Knotts in prison, though? “Who should we get to playing the paddle in Breakout?” “Um…how about Don Knotts?” Okay, sure.

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Found via Classic Television Showbiz.
Two things strike me about this next one: first the idea that the computer has to be simple for your kid to comprehend it. I’m sure we all know how that shook out, right?

Also, I haven’t thought of Warlords in years.

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In this commercial, God himself will reach down and terrorize your family, then force you to play Pole Position. “I want them in the games until they die playing.” Incredible.

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And we go to the late great Phil Hartman, at the very beginning of his acting career. So full of spit and gusto.

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And last but not least, another terribly disturbing video, for the first home version of Pong. I wonder if ping pong vendors were terrified by this notion, or amused.

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