700 Bands

The madness continues. For more information, go here.

246. Chinstraps for Hardhats.

247. Musical Micronation.
The band takes the stage and instantly declares that the stage has seceded from whatever country they happen to be in, and the rest of the set are songs about the rise and fall of whatever odd micronation the stage has become.

248. Tiresias and the Wrinkled Dugs.

249. The Secret Society of Mole Rats.

250. Kung Fu Smoothie.

251. Brillo Scirocco.

252. Nitroglycerin Souffle.

253. Pizza Delivery Ghosts.

254. Tainted Wuv.

255. Dali Facepainting Children.
Which never happened to my knowledge–but the concept is awesome. Imagine Dali doing facepainting at some carnival/fun fair.

New band names up for grabs each Tuesday and Thursday. When we’re not…doing something else. Until we hit 700.