Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ArtFX Theatre from Kotobukiya

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! The quest for fortune and glory continues with the second ARTFX Theatre – an innovative new concept which combines a movie’s key elements into a hyper-detailed, three-dimensional collage. There will be four different Indy Theatres, with one based on each film in the series. The second release in is actually the first chronological adventure of the greatest adventure hero of all time: INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM.

[ad#longpost]Overflowing with intricate detail on all sides, this magnificent sculpture stands approximately 12 inches tall, and incorporates all of the legendary scenes from the film. Indiana Jones swings to the rescue, Mola Ram holds a flaming heart, Short Round and Willie ride the out-of-control mine cart through the hidden caverns of Pankot Palace, while the statue of Kali looms over all. The menacing Kali is replete with real metal chains, machete, skulls, and multiple limbs…many of them disembodied.

ARTFX Theatres are fun to assemble, pvc plastic snap-fit kits that can be easily put together in seconds without glue or modeling skill, with unsurpassed quality and detailing. Look for more Indiana Jones saga collectibles to be released from Kotobukiya in 2008!

SRP $119.99

Available in OCTOBER

Pending final licensor approval
Prototypes shown; final products may vary
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