Haagen-Dazs Reserve: Fleur de Sel Caramel ice cream

The thing about Haagen-Dazs is that they do not screw around. Their regular flavors are evil enough, but when you start getting into their Reserve line, that’s when it gets evil and creative. Take for instance this flavor–their latest Reserve variation.

Now: fleur de sel. You might think to yourself: is that the Beethoven piece I learned to play on piano when I was eight or is that French girl from the Harry Potter series? It’s neither. It means “flower of salt” and fleur de sel caramels, which are slighty salty and very sweet caramels, are coated in chocolate and slapped into this concoction. The rest of the stuff is caramel ice cream with caramel ribbons and a bit of French sea salt. So scads of caramel, a bit of chocolate and just a touch of extra salt.

And it tastes just like it sounds. The caramel trifecta is rich as hell, the chocolate is a nice way to ground the sweetness and the salt is just enough to give it a little mild zing. I can’t eat more than a few spoonfuls of this thing, because it’s a like a sugary sweet rocket cocktail. In other words, it is damn good. Almost ludicrously so, like caramel ice cream where the dials go to eleven. Highly recommended.

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