Here’s the long and short of it.

1. The server did Something Odd. Not the comic strip, an actual Something Odd. This Something Odd involved it cutting all ties between it and the database where the site is served from. This is what is technically known as an Incredibly Goddamn Heinous Incident or IGHI in the technical vernacular. This has been fixed and I’m hoping will not reoccur.

B. The contests broke. This is because the contests also need database loving. Without database loving they wither and die. These have been fixed. They took a long time to get fixed because finally Elizabeth D. pointed out they were broken and I didn’t think about them in the melee of the IGHI. Everyone tell Elizabeth thank you.

III. My internet service provider (and others’) is having a problem getting to our server. This is a separate problem from the IGHI and is simply a PITA because for about ten minutes I thought the IGHI had returned. If you are experiencing slowness that is probably something net-region-wide. I’m right now on an Earthlink dialup to publish this because Comcast support wants to send out a technician to see if there’s something in my wiring that would keep me from going to a particular data center. And it’s my lines that are affecting Scott in Florida as well apparently. Fun.

So for the moment I think we’re okay. We plan on resuming normal service later today (Thursday). For now, I’ve spent the last 20 hours fighting the Interwebs and on this rare occasion, I welcome sleep not for the rest but just for the oblivion of it.

P.S. Take a page from Elizabeth’s book. If something’s not working, please e-mail me and let me know. I may not respond immediately because I may be getting killed by psychotic pygmies or something but I do read all my e-mails. And I do want the site to freaking work. So if something’s wonky, don’t be shy. I don’t bite. I only gnaw. A bit.