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2 Skinnee to Reunite for NYC Gig

Stumpy Has a Posse

It’s happening again. 2 Skinnee has released a trailer on their website for a reunion gig. It’s August 8, 2008 at Irving Plaza in New York City. Tickets go on sale 10am on April 3rd. If you have any chance in hell of being there, I say go for it. A 2 Skinnee performance is like a cross between an evangelist’s tent, a fandom convention and the consumption of way too many Pixy Stix. And sadly, since their untimely break-up, about as rare as an issue of The Ultimates shipping on time.

Shower them with ticket sales, so maybe they will come back to us full-time. After all, did we not have the Pluto Crisis in their absence? Has not the world become an insidiously more unstable place without them? 2 Skinnee is the truth. Accept no substitutes. Unless they disappear again, then substitutes will simply be a necessity.

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