Mystics on the Road to Vanishing Point book cover art
Magnificent Desolation cover art

Howdy, friends. I have a proposition for you.

As you are probably aware (or maybe not, because I frankly suck at self-promotion), I have two books in print. I’m working on some other things to bring back into print even as I type this. But for now: two books. One, a novel of regular straight dramatic fiction–that’s Mystics on the Road to Vanishing Point. The other is a short story anthology–that’s Magnificent Desolation.

They’re available from Amazon right now. People continue to buy them, for which I’m grateful. I can see the purchases come through our Amazon affiliation. I’ve released them under a Creative Commons license as well, so you can download them for free. I realize my One Tusk site is dormant at the moment so here’s some direct links here for Mystics and here for Desolation.

Anyway, here’s the proposition: throw me the idea, I give you the book.

What idea? An idea for how to promote the books. Do you know somebody in whose hands it would be in any author’s best interest to have their book land? Do you know somebody who’s looking for short stories to turn into movies (I’m looking at you, indie maniacs with an HD camera and lots of coffee)? Do you know somebody who needs to hire a writer? Hell, are you one of these people?

Or even something not quite as flashy: do you run an arts festival and need somebody to show up and tell stories (and sell books)? (I went down and did a festival thing for Rox, and it was fun. Because Rox rocks.) Do you run a website where you recommend books? Are you a mad reviewer on Amazon?

I hope you see where I’m going with this. I would like for something to start happening, and I figure out of this crowd of folks (and you are one big international crowd—I’ve got the stats right here), there’s got to be somebody who can help me kick this thing in the ass.

What am I offering in return? A free book. Yes, if you think you can do something to help either book, I’ll send you a copy for you to do your thing with. Hell, if you need to hand off the book to somebody else, and things go well and I get some sweet promotion out of the deal, I’ll send you another free book to replace the one you gave away.

(I know it might not sound exciting, but yes, a free book. Help me get to where we’re a huge publishing company and then I promise at that point the swag I offer will get better.)

Here’s what you have to do: e-mail me with your idea (widgett at need coffee dot com), whatever it is and no matter how insane. Well, okay, maybe there is an insanity ceiling. Don’t offer to strip out the pages and use them as papier mache to create a life-size elephant attacking a horde of spear-carrying dental hygenists. Hmm. I dunno, though, that might be cool.

Ahem. But you know what I mean. If I dig the idea, then bang, I’ll send you the book of your choice, whichever one you think you can give the most help to.

Now. There are some limits. The rule on this website holds: Don’t be a dick. Please don’t send me e-mails with some wild story just to get a free book. I’m already giving away the books themselves for free download, so if you just want to read it, go that route. I mean, I really like my stuff to be read, as I’ve said on many occasions, but do understand: books ain’t cheap. I mean, they’re not gold, but if I wind up giving away twenty of these things or something, then understand that’s some serious gas money. Even at today’s gas prices.

Also, if you propose something you’re going to do: all I ask is you give it your best shot. If you actually try it and nothing comes of it, no worries. Just please don’t say you’re going to do something, honestly intend to do it, and then find the copy of the book five years later propping up that slightly shorter leg on your kitchen table when you move house.

I realize you’re all cool froods and I probably don’t even need to have those last two paragraphs, but when you’re sitting in the exit aisle on a plane, they make you at least touch the safety instructions. So.

What say you?