How to Make Van Helsing Drool

Vampire Hunting Kit by AlexCF

AlexCF is at it again. This time he’s created a badass kit for dealing with any pesky nosferatus that might be lurking around your home and/or business. Or, in the case of the person who commissioned this: your 12th century mansion. I guess if you couldn’t manage an 11th century one then that dreary new-fangled 12th century one will simply have to suffice. Ahem. Per the man himself:

The case is a large victorian box, very pretty. Contained within is a flint lock pistol, a letter from the previous owner, a bible, rosary, and four grenade-like holy water bottles. the romanian crucifix in the lid is sharpened to a point, and the plethora of hunting aparatus are semi hidden under a wooden lid, the underneath of which is emblazoned with a map of europe, and a small religious icon of st thomas.

Check out more pics here.

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