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Lewiston Should Have Been Careful of the Blob

You know, there’s so much cool stuff in the world to talk about, that we occasionally miss things. And I can accept that. But why did no one bring to my attention the fact that Lewiston, Maine faced down a blob of (temporarily) unknown origins in their sewer system?

The obvious question that comes to mind is: “Hmmm…I wonder if Lewiston is connected underground to Derry in any way?”

Then the next thing you realize is that this might possibly be the coolest Google Map mashup in existence:

The location of The Blob in Lewiston, Maine on Google Maps

Wouldn’t you love to see CNN go wall to wall on the appearance of an alien blob attacking a town? Has there been a Sci-Fi original special about that? Or should we get Leigh and Dindrane to write one?

I guess they should have downloaded these songs when they were still online.

Found via Boing Boing.

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