The Royal Tramp Collection with Stephen Chow DVD Cover Art

Stephen Chow. He brought you Shaolin Soccer. He brought you Kung Fu Hustle. But before all of that, he brought you Royal Tramp. The collection is here on DVD from Dragon Dynasty. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

Wilson Bond (Chow), a double-talking, fast-moving conman stumbles across a conspiracy that could bring down the entire Ming Dynasty. In hilarious fashion, he attempts to save the day, cheating death, charming the ladies, and kicking butt all along the way.

Kicking butt. You heard it here, folks. Bey Logan, a Hong Kong cinema expert, is on hand to give commentary on both films–I know, I know, it’s hard to believe. Fu with special features! Doc just swooned in the corner, he’s so overwhelmed. Honest. The second film comes with an interview with the writer/director as well.

We’ve got a copy here that we’d love to give you…but you have to win! And in order to win, you must enter. So get in there and kick some butt (metaphorically).

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