Booster Gold #6 cover art

Okay, for those of you haven’t read the latest issue of Booster Gold, #6, you might want to run away.

I’ll wait.

Gone? Okay, fine. The gist is this:

Booster Gold gets visited by three different versions of the Blue Beetle so he can go back in time and prevent the Ted Kord Blue Beetle from getting his brains blown out by suddenly evil Maxwell Lord as part of the suddenly lame revelation that the fun Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League years were fun because it was all part of Lord’s plot to make the League ineffective.

Get that? Fun = ineffective in the new DC.

The spoilerific bit is that Booster succeeds, and rescues Ted, even though no one knows that Ted survived. He and Booster are now non-hero heroes, unknown but righting wrongs. Blue & Gold.

Now some might think this is dumb, but I would disagree: the decision to kill Ted in the first place was misguided and stupid. Booster is acting like himself, which is odd for comics these days. In a day and age where Spider-Man–even though he personally knows gods, Inhumans, Reed Richards, Tony Stark not to mention is running around with Dr. Strange–decides to make a deal with the devil to save his Aunt May, it’s odd for characters to do things that they would, you know, actually do. And Booster saying, dammit, I’m going to go save Ted, is exactly what that character would do.

Knowing this, though, a thought struck me: how about Booster goes and snags–from the time stream, or from alternate realities, or whatever–the old Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League and they run around and have adventures, like a DC version of the Exiles. Get G & D back to write the thing…wouldn’t you read the hell out of that book? Of course you would. And so would I.

In discussing this with Ken, he brought up an even better idea. Now that there’s a multiverse again, let’s have Earth-Fun. Not a world where everything is Captain Carrot and Ambush Bug (although that would be okay), but a world where comics are actually fun to read again, instead of a parade of watching your favorite characters get raped, killed, their limbs ripped off, set on fire, and then killed again in case the first time didn’t take. It’s like Eli Roth is editor-in-chief at DC or something.

The rules of Earth-Fun are simple: Giffen is editor there. He is God. G & D write what happens there. Kevin Maguire handles covers. More if he feels like it. And you can have some great tie-in posters like they did with Countdown: “No goth cheerleaders on this Earth.” And… “This Earth’s pantry has lots of Oreos.” And… “Brad who?”

What do you say? Who’s with me?

Update: Pedro from Funnybook Babylon had a good comment below and it makes me want to clarify something: Earth-Fun is not necessarily where the characters have fun, it’s where we, the readers, have fun.