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Deaf Bunny: A New Type of Adult Film You’ve Never Heard Of

Surprisingly in this age of the Internet probing every nook and cranny of sexual expression, We found porn that hasn’t been exploited so far. Deaf porn. Yeah you heard me, deaf porn. There’s a new studio called Deaf Bunny putting out smut with deaf or hard of hearing actors. It seems that hands will be used for more than groping and fondling. But why should I continue when Regina Lynn of Wired‘s Sex Drive column conducted an interview with the owner of Deaf Bunny, Dino Capone.

And if you want something more visual that’s not too abysmal, here’s a video introduction to Deaf Bunny.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

I guess lip reading will acquire a new dimension. If you aren’t aware of the more colorful terms in ASL, this young lady will demonstrate for you if you click here.