Your Xmas Day Holiday Linkage

Evil Santa!

  • Classic Television Showbiz has a nice round-up of Christmas episodes of The Jack Benny Show. Plus a Christmas episode of Dragnet.
  • A great collection of Soviet Christmas cards. Found via Ectoplasmosis.
  • ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive has received a great gift: a scrapbook of material relating to the original release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which used to belong to the animator Clair Weeks. Here’s a Disney Christmas card from 1938 as well. Nice.
  • xkcd nails it. Again.
  • And Curious Expeditions has a nice rundown on some European Christmas traditions and why you should probably be very wary of them.
  • Chris Sims at the ISB posts “A Very Kirby Christmas,” and bless him for it.
  • The Secret Vault has posted a download link to A Rubber Band Christmas, “an entire album made with no other instruments than rubber bands.” Yeah, I’m kinda terrified too.
  • Squids celebrate Christmas.
  • Oh, and we’ve got something special for you over at The Daily Kicksplode.

  • Image: The Evil Santa Generator.