Wii 3D head tracking

There’s a bunch of people I know with new-fangled console games. Bailey used to invite me over to play Halo on Xbox so he could take satisfaction in watching me flail about on that retarded controller with its thirty-seven buttons, all color-coded as though I was the protagonist from “I Am the Doorway” and could see which one the green one was without looking down. Sadist.

Doc invited me over to play Rock Band with his “band” earlier today. And it was fun, but never anything I would want to own for myself. More on that when I get time to write it up.

Ken, though, is a bastard. He wants me to get a Wii. I know lots of other Wiivils who share in this plan to conscript me into the ranks of Wii owners. No thanks. I have a highly addictive personality. So even showing me wicked shit like this–a way to do 3-D headtracking that some guy figured out–will not convince me. You hear me, Ken? You’re not convincing me! (Even though this trick is just cool as hell…)

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Check out Johnny Lee’s website for more here. Nintendo really just needs to hire this guy. Found at Nintendo Wii Fanboy.

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