32 Days of Halloween, Movie Night No. 26: Frankenstein Double Feature

Lady Frankenstein

Sorry for the late post, but we had people coming to work on the Technocave’s attached compound. So. No rest for the wicked. So let’s get wicked!

Tonight, we’ve got a double feature for you…first up, it’s Peter Cushing once more, this time in Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed, the fifth Frankenstein flick in that particular series.

Update: That has been taken down and the only other version has a screwed-up aspect ratio. Falling back on the trailer. If somebody finds the full film again, let me know.

And before our next feature, a little something for intermission that fits with our theme:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

All right: next up, it’s the Italian flick from 1971, Lady Frankenstein. This happens to star Mickey Hargitay, and yes: that would happen to be Chazzie-award winner Mariska Hargitay‘s dad.

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