Mars and Beyond: Take a Letter, Miss Smith

Mars and Beyond

We posted a snippet of “Mars and Beyond” a while back, but Saturday Morning Blog has got the entire thing up. Here’s a bit of this Ward Kimball classic:

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That entire classic cartoon is available on the Tomorrowland release from the Walt Disney Treasures line of DVDs.

And speaking of Ward Kimball, we’ve got a bit of a gem of him after the break…

Here he is on You Bet Your Life with Groucho Marx. Groucho is, as always, in fine form, but Ward manages to get a few choice ones off.

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  • Was Miss Smith in “Mars and Beyond” or was she in a separate cartoon based on it?

  • Nite: I’ve seen that bit of the whole cartoon shown on its own…in fact, that’s how I remember seeing it for the first time.