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McDowell on Board for “Doomsday”

Malcolm McDowell, has joined the cast of Rogue Pictures’ action thriller DOOMSDAY, which is in its final month of principal photography under writer/director Neil (THE DESCENT, DOG SOLDIERS) Marshall.

The silver-maned and silver-tongued genre vet is having a great year, with his key role on NBC’s HEROES (which began its season-ending arc last Monday night) and recently wrapping his turn as Dr. Loomis in Rob Zombie‘s HALLOWEEN update (slated for an August 31st release). In DOOMSDAY, he’ll play Kane, the brilliant scientist who is the only true expert on the lethal Reaper virus that an elite group of specialists (led by Eden [Rhona Mitra] and monitored by Nelson [Bob Hoskins]) is battling through what one character calls “hell on earth” to retrieve a cure for.