My Mother the Chair

One thing we like around here is weird stuff. Even better is stuff that works the weirdness on multiple levels. Case in point:

This picture is of a baby. If you look at the full version, you might reach the conclusion that the baby is reclining comfortably on a chair. Ah, but that is not the case. No, instead the baby is reclining comfortably on its mother, who is disguised as a chair.

But this takes it to the next level–the blog where it’s posted originally says this: “I have a small collection of photos of mothers disguised as chairs.”

So…this was a theme at some point, to dress moms up as furniture? “Oh yeah, well you should see my mom…she makes a killer sleeper sofa!”

Would now be a bad time to remind everyone that Mother’s Day is less than a month away? Just checking.

Found via Boing Boing.