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Zombie Movie Posters: The World is Theirs

Dr. Logan: It’s empty, Captain. We saw the bullets come out. Let’s see what he does. Let’s see what Tony does in this situation…

Undead Tony: Say hello to my leetle Aunt Alisha! (opens fire)

Rob Sacchetto, purveyor of fine artistic zombification techniques (who we’ve mentioned before), now turns his attention to famous movie posters.

This and The Usual Suspects are in the bag already. I personally would like to see a zombie parody of any poster by Drew Struzan (especially the new Star Wars trilogy ones), The Silence of the Lambs with the undead Clarice gnawing on the moth at her mouth, and…you know what? Tombstone.

There’s no more room in Hell! And it’s comin’ with me, ya hear? Hell’s comin’ with me!

Found via Neatorama.