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John Scarne’s Card Manipulation: More Crooked Shuffles Than a Conga Line

Mark Frauenfelder, over at Boing Boing, posted this video of card whiz John Scarne showing the camera how he does a lot of his pasteboard shenanigans. Scarne is Frauenfelder’s great uncle, too. Nice.

Update: Wrong Mark. Although the Boing Boing entry says “Mark says…” and was posted by Mark F., apparently Mark P., who commented below, is the Mark in question with the card genius great uncle. Kinda confusing. One of my names is John, so I can relate. Try yelling out “John” in a crowded shopping mall. Count the number of heads that turn. Whoops.


  • Hi All,
    John Scarne is not Mark Frauenfelder’s Uncle. John is my Uncle and I sent the video link to Mark F. at BoingBoing to share with others.
    Mark P.

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