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Captain Alcohol Walks the Fine Line Between Self Control and Self Abuse

Captain Alcohol

The latest issue of’s Comics With Problems is Captain Alcohol #1, in which a formerly soused superhero crashlands on Earth, gets frozen in the ice, gets woken up by the Eskimos who find him, goes batshit, then gets taken in by a supervillain. You can either consider this a bit of Superman mixed with (no pun intended) Captain America mixed with the “Demon in a Bottle” Iron Man, or you can consider it 30 Days of Night if it had come out in the early 70s.

While commendable that they were trying to get across the evils of alcohol abuse, it’s also unnerving to go from what passes for a dramatic high point to “Hey! Recreation grants are people builders!” Regardless, the suggested soundtrack for this is “Alcoholic” by Fishbone.

Read the full thing here.