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Get Off the Paper Road! Quick!

Some most excellent pics from the fourth annual Student Origami Competition at MIT. Next time you’re having trouble just folding up a receipt and sticking it in your pocket, just bear in mind just how inept at...[more]

Popcorn popper coffee roaster

Odds and Ends for 3-4-2006

Caliban, stop humping Stephano’s leg! Over 400 things that should be verboten when directing Shakespeare for the stage or screen. Penn and Teller almost had a video game? Apparently so. As long as it doesn’t...[more]

Tom Baker Says

Update (3/28/2020): Alas, the site is long gone. However, they somehow released a single of “You Really Got Me.” Plus, you can still find the Buggles cover here. Skip ahead to 4:02 in to hear it in all its...[more]

Your Next Mission: Fred’s Bad Day

Your Next Mission: Fred’s Bad Day

Considering how well this worked last time and the excellent turnout we had, let’s play another round of Fiction Frenzy, shall we? The game is played like this: we will throw open a certain period of time for you...[more]

Headsup: Cast Your Free Time Into Oblivion

Headsup: Cast Your Free Time Into Oblivion

The official word has come down from on high: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has gone gold, putting it on track to make its projected March 21st street date. Start setting yourself some automated reminders to do things like...[more]

Dodgeball DVD

Dodgeball (2004) – DVD Review

HTQ4 says, "If you've never seen this movie, it's worth renting to see at least once. However, you'd have to be a hardcore fan of Vaughn, Stiller and/, dodgeball itself to make this a permanent addition to your...[more]