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Robin Williams on Whose Line

I Know What You’re Thinking…

Just found this bit of the American Whose Line. I watched it and broke myself and my chair. Anyway, I’d never seen this before, since I don’t watch television. So I had to share. Direct link for the...[more]

Timmy Tofu Simply Must Be Stopped

Timmy Tofu Simply Must Be Stopped

Doug Savage is a very sick individual. Every day, he publishes a new cartoon. About chickens. Drawn on post-it notes. The result: Savage Chickens, naturally. This is a man to be respected and feared. Title of this post...[more]

Right.  That Sure is Pretty.  Can I Drink It Now?

Right. That Sure is Pretty. Can I Drink It Now?

Don’t mind me. I’m just agitated because generally speaking I’m so tired all the time I can barely brew the stuff much less draw butterflies and crap like that in it. But hey, watch this guy show you...[more]

Juror 13 –  Manga Review

Juror 13 – Manga Review

Dindrane says, "Basically, if you really love mysteries or 'twist-style' endings, then go ahead and give Juror 13 a read. It's worth the half-hour it'll take you to read it and then roughly $10 you paid for it."

Weekend Recommendations: DVD

Weekend Recommendations: DVD

DVD of the Week: Repo Man. This is one of those films that, when I first saw it, I remember thinking: “…” Yes, that very same ellipse passed through my mind. And now it’s here to destroy the...[more]


Odds and Ends for 3-19-2006

Slurp water or gel or both? Does this sound palatable to anyone? I mean, if it really delivers the goods, bring on the gel. But…you know, I’m insane and definitely not a role model. Ah crap, I knew it: the...[more]

I, For One, Welcome Our New Beer Overlords

I, For One, Welcome Our New Beer Overlords

Behold, the proud conquering Rheingold army, entering the city after subjugating its population, who indulged themselves “before and after dark,” and were thus unable to defend themselves. Foolish bags of...[more]