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Widge Goes Off’s Giant-Sized Annual Podcast…

Remember when comic book annuals were a culmination of the year’s plots and characters? When they used to be a big deal? Before they got turned into an attempt to do multi-part storylines that sucked?

Well, that’s the gist behind Widge Goes Off Giant-Sized Annual #1, in which you get a ringside seat at a Needcoffee geek summit. Frightening.

Anyway…in this super-sized episode:

Leigh and Dindrane forge an unholy alliance that threatens to rock the Needcoffee crew to their very core!

ScottC’s guilty pleasure movie choice gains him unparalleled amounts of ridicule! And this is Scott we’re talking about here!

And I just sit back and listen to them do my podcast for me! Moohoohahaha!

Find it here.